Free Education Online Webinars

On Thursday 21 April 2016 the Persona dolls helped to illustrate a presentation for Free Education Online Webinars. It was the first session of a two part series and the teachers who participated used the whiteboard slides and the chat text box to interact with each other to find solutions to the needs of students described in Neihart & Betts Revised Profiles of the Gifted and Talented.

The title of the presentation was Personas, profiles and portraits of giftedness.
The recording of the session can be found at

Vanessa Crouch, the moderator also created a Padlet page to collect all the references mentioned during the presentation at


Part 2 was presented on Thursday 28 April 2016.
The second part discussed Sprite, the Twice Exceptional student, causes of underachievement, and De Bono’s 6 Action shoes.

The recording of Part 2 can be heard at
Vanessa Crouch’s Padlet for Part 2 is found at

Introducing Sally

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

I found Sally in the Salvation Army Opportunity Shop and bought her for the absolute bargain price of $4.20 (a sewing pattern to make a Raggedy Ann doll costs $16).
She did need some repairs.
Sally will be the persona doll representing gifted students who come from a home background of poverty which is one possible cause of underachievement for gifted students.
I intend to write Sally’s story soon.