Felicity the Underground Gifted

Felicity the Underground Gifted

Photo Jo Freitag

Felicity is a persona doll representing the Underground type of gifted student on Neihart and Betts Revised Profiles of the Gifted and Talented.

Felicity’s story

If the teachers have actually noticed Felicity they probably think of her as a compliant shy and quiet average student. They may have seen occasional flashes of brilliance which are then quickly hidden away again.

The truth is that Felicity does all she can to blend in with the other students and not do anything which will draw attention to herself. The main reason for this is that no girl that she knows from her background has ever been a success at school and they appear not to value education. In fact the people in her home have a different style of wisdom and different perspectives on many things to the ones she is learning at school. Felicity is often absent from school because important occasions are being observed in her home group (sometimes these involve nomadic journeys).

Felicity is conflicted. She would like to do well and thinks that she could do well but does not want to risk losing her friendships or face teasing and bullying. She would hate to do anything that could be seen as a betrayal of the ideals of the people she loves.

Felicity needs welcoming learning environments and to be put in touch with true intellectual peers and role models who have crossed cultural expectation boundaries. She needs support for her abilities and to learn self understanding and acceptance. She needs help with career planning. She needs open discussions about societies, class differences, racism, and sexism and the possible costs of success.

Felicity needs teachers to notice her and not just think she is compliant.
Felicity needs the confidence building of teachers who  find ways to nurture her giftedness without her feeling singled out eg. sitting quietly with her for a few minutes
A she needs role models from her own community who believe in the type of education she is receiving at school


Useful links for catering for Felicity

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