Edward the Autonomous

Edward the Autonomous

Photo Jo Freitag

Edward is a persona doll representing the Autonomous Learner type of gifted student on Neihart and Betts Revised Profiles of the Gifted and Talented.

Edward’s story

Edward is a prime example of the Autonomous Learner Profile.
People often call him ‘The Little Professor’. He dresses in a rather old fashioned manner, plays the recorder and other instruments.He reads voraciously and loves classical literature. Although quiet and peace loving he is very interested in knights, Arthurian legend and life in mediaeval times. That is a leather bound copy of Ivanhoe he is clutching.
Edward also loves all the sciences especially botany and biology and can often be seen examining plants and insects with a magnifying glass.
He reads algebra and calculus books for relaxation and is teaching himself several languages with the help of language programs on audio and video tapes.
He is happy in his own skin and pursues his own learning at his own pace in his own distinct manner.
It is very appropriate that he is wearing the ‘Do what is most sensible’ Brown Brogues. He would also be comfortable in the Investigative Grey Sneakers.

You would think that Edward would be any teacher’s idea of an ideal student but actually teachers can find Edward quite difficult to teach. He is completely intrinsically motivated and often seems to be working on his own schedule which is very different from the rest of the class.

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